Inspired by some trailblazers in Canada and England, owner Emmett Soldati saw an opportunity to create bold, exciting, wild tea blends that would break through a stymied, traditional tea market. Too many people don’t give tea a try for lack of understanding, having had a too bitter or boring cup of it once, or just confused by the process.

With years of selling tea to self-professed experts and neophytes at his cafe, Teatotaller, he gained a deep understanding of what does – and doesn’t – work when it comes to converting folks to drink more tea. After a decade of selling loose leaf tea, we are delighted to introduce you to Chai Curious and our mission of bringing better tea to more people.

Chai Curious tea blends are playful, witty, and delicious. The goal is to make tea more accessible – by introducing flavors and ideas that customers can relate too without intimidation. There’s a huge gap between tea purists buying $70 Puerh Tea and the impulse Arizona Sweet Tea buyers at the gas station – and yet they all come from the same plant! Chai Curious is for everyone in between – to tempt them to natural, delicious teas that don’t patronize the uninitiated but open doors to a galaxy of flavor.

We bridge the gap between expert tea drinkers and Arizona sweet tea lovers.

-Emmett Soldati
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